Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas 241x3001 Brian Thomas Brian Thomas, The Comedian
is the original prototype other stand-ups are cut from. He exploded at the infamous Stardome Comedy Club in Birmingham before a packed house. The room is full of laughter in the clubs of Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama. All his material is new, original, fresh and very unique with a blend of his own perverse view of everyday life and observations. Its just don’t get any funnier than Brian Thomas the comedian. Performing with Michael Collier, Lady Roz, Tyler, Joe Torre and Ricky Smiley to name a few, Brian has proven his ability to make the house his own with a special style tailored especially for him. When you see the name, you know it’s unquestionably going to be a hilarious, sidesplitting, comical and entertaining time because there’s no other stand-up like
Brian Thomas!

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